Can mud paint?

The Basic Idea

Get some mud, mix it up with water to different consistencies and put it in pots (make sure there’s no glass or rubbish in the mud). Paint pictures either with brushes, sticks or your hands! Can be done inside or outside.

Get the group to collect mud from a suitable spot and mix it up in small pots. It may be that you can collect mud from different areas or add in charcoal or bit of plant to vary the colour. Using paint brushes, sticks, leaves or hands paint or print on to your sheet.

Hang or spread pictures out to dry and allow group to wash hands and tidy up.

Get group to share their creations in a circle and talk about what they have created.

How to take it even further or make it more challenging

Using masking tape stick some tape on to your paper or material to create a relief. Paint over this and the rest of the area – allow to dry and then remove the tape to reveal the relief – could be a picture or some words or both.