How can I create a miniature story?

The Basic Idea

Children zoom into their local surroundings using photographic equipment. They take photos and use these locations to write and set a ‘The Borrowers’ style story. Where miniature people live in a close up version of the local area!

In more detail…

Watch a clip of ‘The Borrowers’ (there are many clips and trailers on the internet). eg

Discuss what objects indoors posed a problem for the characters. Mindmap what objects might cause them a problem in the natural world (in a chosen place outside). Consider animals, insects, obstacles, the elements… Consider the size of different objects and their effect- a falling leaf, a falling raindrop, the roots of a tree..

Explain that they will be taking close up photos of different settings and that they will use these photos to accompany a story/diary.

Discuss the outcome of the piece of writing- what will the structure of the story be?

Check that what ever devices you are using to take photos are set take photos in ‘macro’ mode. Some newer tablets do this automatically. Show the children how to ensure that the subject of the photo is in focus and check to see how close you can get to the subjects and keeping them in focus. (Quite often about 10cm) It may be worth taking some photos which aren’t in focus and sharing with the children to see the difference.

This website has some good tips-](

Give the children a set amount of scenes they can choose.

Once they have taken their photos of these scenes, they can then use the printed photos to start to write their story. A second set of photos could be printed and used to mindmap the problems that characters might face in each scene.


How to take it even further or make it more challenging

An insect could be researched in detail and a short diary entry created- using the facts that they know/have found out about the insect, and use these to consider how the insect would cope with any threats/obstacles in the miniature world.