Welcome to Wild Time Learning!

This is our first product prototype which supports teachers, volunteers, parents and children in learning outside the classroom in natural spaces and places.

The focus of the product is to empower teachers and learners who want to take the UK curriculum outside to do just that.

It works by providing fun, time based, outdoor activities linked to learning topics.

Providers and teachers can contribute learning activities, the learning community uses the activity, rates it and gives feedback, enriching the product offering with collective intelligence as it grows.

The product has been developed with teachers, designers, outdoor learning providers and children and we’ve been testing it for 18 months with teachers and schools in the South West of England and beyond.

The product is a collaboration between the Wild Network, Swarm and Lighten Up Learning. The product development has been supported by Natural Connections demonstration project, Britdoc Bertha Connect and pro bono support from Swarm.

We are currently seeking funding and distribution partners to support the next phase of the product development to help it scale up, including testing a sustainable business model. Please do reach out if you’d like to chat about the future development.

We hope you enjoy using the product and as it’s a prototype we welcome hearing your stories, ideas and suggestions on how to make it better.

[email protected]