What is a nature theatre?

The Basic Idea

Invite the children to a ‘theatre trip’ in nature anywhere, any season any weather.

To travel you will need a ticket to board the bus. Ask children to find something natural that can be redeemed for their ticket.

Ticket in hand, you’re ready to board the bus. In pairs, blindfold your partner and lead them slowly down the path (hands on wrist and shoulder for a safe journey. Encourage them to feel the ground below and listen to their surroundings.

Arrive at the theatre and help them to their seat. Ask your partner to close their eyes (2 minutes)and listen to the natures music.

Refreshment is served. Remove blindfolds and ask children to collect different types of natural material in a cup provided to create a natural smell.

With the performance over its time to leave and travel home. Before boarding the bus take a picture to keep as a memory of your experience. Make a frame with your fingers and Look through them at the landscape and notice the colours, sizes and shapes before taking your final picture.